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Did you know that lack of hydration is one of the reasons why skin becomes sensitive and irritated? Your intimate skin is delicate to begin with, so getting the right balance of moisture can make a big difference. That’s why we developed Sensitive Plus.
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Did you know that your period, tight clothes, sex, even body washes and soap can disrupt your pH balance? And an imbalance in your pH can often lead to vaginal irritation, discomfort, even odor. So how can you feel fresh without the worry? Only Vagisil pH Balance Wash has Lactoprebiotic. Use it every day to help support a healthy feminine pH. Get more from your wash. Get better intimate health.

“For me balance is everything. If your pH balance is off, you’re off.”

Hear why Charlie, a 31 year-old building manager, said that Vagisil is the best thing that’s happened to her vagina in a long time.

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What does The Real know about Vagisil washes that you should?

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